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The Team

We believe that our team is our greatest asset. We foster a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes growth, collaboration, and mutual respect. We achieve this by providing a safe, supportive, and rewarding workplace. We encourage their professional and personal development, recognizing that their success directly contributes to the overall success of Viviani Bros.

Picture of Chris and David

The Brothers

Christopher & David Viviani

We began our dry cleaning  journey in 1992 out of our cars, offering pick up & delivery to the workplace.  In 1992, that was a novel idea. Read more about us by clicking below.

The Pressers

Jeff - Ron - Dennis - Ken

These gentlemen press and hand finish all of the dry cleaning and wet cleaning garments with care and expertise.  Each of them has 30 years experience.

Picture of our pressers
Picture of Shirt Team

Shirt Team

Winnie - Sekou

Winne and Sekou together finish all of our shirts to perfection. Each has 35+ years of experience


Arthur - Jen - Wanda - Gail

These team members handle inspection, assembly, packaging, receiving and corporate towel folding. Gail and Wanda have over 20 years experience each, while Jen and Arthur are our newest team members

Picture of Operations Team
picture of drivers

Delivery Team

Johnny - Orlando

Orlando and Johnny handle all our deliveries, whether it's wholesale, retail, corporate, restaurant, or Spa, these guys get it there for us.



Janet is our chief mouser, we rescued her from PAWS. We support the work of PAWS and encourage you to as well.

Picture of Janet
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